1. Collaboration with Billy Dimmit. 2014. [side projects]

  2. Collaboration with Billy Dimmit. 2013. [side projects]

  3. Studio messaging system in the works

  4. New studio detail


  5. Like like like

  6. inside / outside

    (Source: islandprojects)

  8. Hesitating rainbow

  9. islandprojects:

    TREASURES / new work by Julie Novakofski at Island Projects

    From the artist:

    A collection of recent objects and images, “Treasures” was created as an embodiment, an incarnation of some of what I have loved most. It is an investigation into the processes of collection, both broad and personal- a documentation of the acquisition of memories and materials, of sacred sites and objects, and the powers they have possessed. Here, obsession is ritual, is language, is magic. Desire, meditation, chaos, and comfort are blurred, both familiar and arcane. Where time stops and time is lost, it is an attempt to show that the past is always present in what we hold dear.

    Julie Novakofski is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Recent exhibitions include Try a Little Tenderness (Mke), Space Vulture Worship Project (Chicago), Bookless (Madison), Ghost $how (Mke), and Kid Lump (No Bones Projects).

    Island is the curatorial arm of artist Ana Hansa-Ogren’s practice. Recent curatorial projects include FREE MONEY (with co-curator Michelle Grabner) and Try a Little Tenderness (with Co-curator Pamela Fraser). Recent exhibitions include How To Find a New Land (No Bones), Levitas/Gravitas (Mke), and Space Vulture Worship Project (Chicago).

  10. islandprojects:

    Treasures (new work from Julie Novakofski) opens 7/11

    reception 8-10 pm

    414 E Homer St (Mke)

    Julie Novakofski

    (via free-money-free-money)